We are your first phone call when a problem needs to be diagnosed. We can determine if you are having an internal or external issue with your service provider. We offer same day service with a 2 hour response time on out-of-service requests. You no longer have to wait days for the phone/cable company to arrive.

Every business will have its own unique solution. We can sit down with you and tailor a system that will fit your current needs. As time goes on and your needs change, we also have the ability to take the application to the next level to give you piece of mind that your investment will migrate with your ever changing needs.

At Aardvark we give you the ability to be as dependent on our support team as you choose to be. We can train your team to be administrators of your system at a local level while still offering our availability if something more serious arises. We want to give you the tools you need to make your business a success! But we are always just a phone call away.

The answer is simple in this scenario. We have technicians available 24/7 and we will respond to outages within 2 hours.

Given all that is available on the market, there are two things to consider. Your distance on the project will decide if you need to use fiber optics to connect your users to the network. The second factor would be the speeds that you are trying to achieve to your desktop locations. Using CAT5e cable you can go up to 100 megabit speeds depending on the threshold distance of the cable. Cat6 cable can go up to gigabit speeds to the desktop in applications where this is necessary. Cat6 is the best choice in order to future proof your network. We can tailor a solution that will fit your needs with a sit down consultation to ensure your needs are met. Note: this topic does not begin to scratch the surface of what compliances are to be met on this topic. We STRONGLY recommend a consultation!

We offer a 12 month parts and labor warranty with every system with ESI. If you decide to accept the extended hardware warranty with ESI we can take your system from 1 year to 5 years on hardware on your telecomm system. While we only offer the first 12 months of labor at no charge, we can give you the option to have an extended warranty plan for your service as well. This package combined gives you true peace of mind knowing your system is fully covered.

We can answer yes to both questions. We have the ability to reach out to our channel manager at ESI to have a local vendor in the customer’s area take care of installation and service for this particular site. Therefore, we can still be a single point of contact for service requests.

The answer is YES! You no longer have to give out our cell phone numbers to your customer to be reached. We can set up your desktop phone so that when it rings your cell phone can ring at the same time to ensure your customers can reach you in or out of the office.

Absolutely, we can have voicemail to email setup on the most basic system. It comes standard in all ESI product lines with voicemail.

Yes, with presence installed on your ESI platform you can now track your employees as they arrive and when they leave by scanning in and out of the facility using a key card.


With total connect the answer is in the palm of your hand. You can receive alerts directly to your cell phone when events are happening in real time, and you can also arm and disarm the system with the click of button. Download the total connect 2.0 app in the app store to take a test drive today!

Our wide array of options for your home security package allows you to monitor your alarm system over a standard phone line starting out at $17.95 per month.

The dreaded contract is a thing of the past with Aardvark, We understand that with life comes change. We only require a contract subscription to be carried for the first 12 months we install your system for monitoring. After that, you are on a month to month basis. Billing can be annually, semiannually or monthly.

We will simply cancel your account for the monitoring and require you to pay out the remainder of the contract. You will still have a functioning system that can be armed and disarmed locally to deter theft. With Aardvark, the equipment that you buy is the equipment that you keep.

This is simple with total connect. You can receive video and alerts from your mobile phone with the total connect App. Download the total connect 2.0 app in the app store to take a test drive today!

Our security cameras are a differentiator. The Aardvark advantage gives you a professional installation. We have engineered our solutions to be customized to your application and take into consideration things like the heat in your attic space, height adjustments to deter vandalism to your investment, and high-quality video that will far outlast any e-commerce product on the market.

Unfortunately, this question does need to be asked, but it comes to our attention due to practices from our competition. Aardvark only installs new out of the box equipment to our customers unless otherwise specified.

Absolutely! We offer a variety of sign applications that include a staked application, surface mount sign application, and also stickers to be placed on your doors and windows. (Customer preference taken in to account.)

We stick to providing as much security to the perimeter of your home as necessary to protect it. Alarm systems have multiple modes to give you the ability to provide you freedom to move freely through your home while keeping the line in the sand between your family and outside threats.

Aardvark can install a GSM wireless device that can call out to central station in the event of a breach of your security system. We have applications that work with all of the mobile carriers to meet your needs.